howdy! hey! hi there! my name's rekanochi. you can find me on basically anything under that name! unless someone is impersonating me, in which case, no, that is not me. usually you can tell, though.
anyway, hi!!! this lil corner of the web is for me to do whatever the heck i want, like sharing my art, my writing, or whatever other random thoughts come across my brain and that i feel like sharing. learning HTML and CSS has been a blast, so maybe i can even inspire you to make your own website! who knows?? :O

i have about a bajillion hobbies, pretty much all of them creative in one flavor or another, and i'm always digging my teeth into new media of just about every kind. i have a "to-watch" list a mile long; i'm picky about the things that i like, but i'm the kind of weirdo who's usually interested in things i don't like all the same. making narratives, telling stories - that shit is my JAM. it's what i'm all about. i'm biased towards video games as the first interactive medium, but i think just about any form of storytelling has it's merits, and every story that can be told is worth telling, in one context or another.

but, yeah, i like a lot of things! i try to admire the beauty of life on earth as much as i can; it's a wonderful place full of wonderful things.

here's a couple of the things i'm interested in!:

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!video games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's my biggest obsession and has been ever since i was, like, 7.
  • horror!!!!!!! ominous religious imagery, bastardization of the flesh, psychological horror, corny slasher movies, literally everything halloween - i LIVE for that shit
  • i'm also very interested in spiritual matters, the occult, and things of that nature! i'm not a spiritual person myself but i find things like religious practices deeply interesting, and i'd love to hear about yours!
  • on that note: psychology, matters of the mind! i have strong opinions about psychiatry as an institution in the united states lol
  • death, the morbid, the macabre, the unsettling, the unnerving. the strange. the confusing. kind of an extension of my love of horror and psychology. and also halloween. FUCK i love halloween.
  • internet history and culture, too! having grown up on here i have a lot of thoughts about how the internet has evolved and the culture surrounding it has evolved with it
  • drawing! i do a lot of digital art, but sometimes i'll doodle traditionally if i don't have my tablet with me.
  • !!!writing!!! i do a lot of that! i spend a TON of time writing, and most of my art is of characters and stuff i've come up with! please ask me about my ocs i will love you forever
  • trinkets and tchachkies! crafts stores are my biggest weakness on the planet, man, you have no idea. i love collecting little objects. i'm like a magpie. some of the stuff i collect areeee - button pins, keychains, jewelery findings, crystals, other cool rocks, paper ephemera, plushies, and other miscellaneous garbage!
  • sewing! i'm not super great at it but i love making patches and fixing up stuff
  • media that sucks. just, genuinely godawful. terrible shit. i love dissecting a piece of art and trying to understand *why* it sucks; media analysis is EXTREMELY my jam!
  • funky/weird lookin' animals! look up the nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis it's goofy as hell
  • theatre and stagecraft - mostly musicals, but i wouldn't consider myself a "theater kid" anymore lol
  • video games...........
  • video games (again)
  • did i mention i like video games
  • no seriously i'm hyperfixated on video games, game design, the crafting of narratives, storytelling, all that shit, i LIVE for it, that's like my ENTIRE JAM. it's so good. talk to me about weird indie games you found on i want to hear about them.
  • i'd say that's about it, but there's a LOT i forgot to mention or didn't include........... so don't be a stranger!! hit me up on any of my socials, i love making new friends and hearing people's stories, and considering you've read this far, yours are probably super cool and interesting!!!