The World Ends With You - It's So Wonderful

hi! my name is rekanochi, and this is my little corner of the web that i'm weaving! feel free to stay as long as you like!
see, this here is one of them new-fangled "webbed sites" that you hear the kids talk about so much nowadays; that's right, it's my own personal chunk of the world wide web! how cool is that?
the internet is SO cool, man. you can use it to connect to just about anyone else on the whole planet! i think it's a wonderful thing, and i'm proud to stake this small part of it as my home. this website is a personal project of mine - it's a place to express myself and truly be myself. i'm always working on something new, so watch out for fresh new content updates!!

but yeah, i love the internet! i think it's a wonderful place where you can really be yourself. it sure has changed a lot over the past few years, but that's okay! there's not a lot of other places like it, at least not that humanity has invented just yet. there's so many awesome and cool things you can do, and i want to make the best of it!

anyway, there's a lot of random disorganized junk on the internet, and i am here to personally contribute my fair share! check out all that stuff! i've got a lot of it! here's an index of some of it. there's a lot i'd like to share with you- come take a look!

about me! curious about the webmaster? click this one right here!!

my writing! i write a lot of stuff and i'd like to share some of it with the world. poems, musings, articles, a little bit of everything!

my shrines! this is where i keep my web pages dedicated to whatever i feel like. some of them are goofy, some are pretty serious. your mileage will vary.

my journal! kind of a mishmash of your regular random thoughts/blog/diary entries/what have you, with bonus art drawn by yours truly, plus some heavy discussion of ~feelings~.

my wonderful pals! my friends are SUPER cool people, and some of them have their own websites!! why don't you check them out too >:]

my music! i don't compose anything (yet?) but i do have plenty of thoughts on a lot of different albums, musicians, and genres, if that's something you're interested in.

my little neighborhood! these are digital collages of various graphics i've found surfing the web put together to make little scenes. they take a LOT of time to put together but they're super fun and cute and you should look at them!!

my collection of blinkies! (eyestrain + flashing images warning)

my collection of 88x31 buttons! (eyestrain + flashing images warning also)

useful links! i spend a lot of time wandering the web, gathering links to cool stuff, and i think it'd be a shame if any of it went to waste. take a gander!

asset credits! a whole host of links to the websites responsible for many of the assets and much of the code you see before you.