howdy! hey! hi there! my name's rekanochi. you can find me on basically anything under that name! unless someone is impersonating me, in which case, no, that is not me. usually you can tell.
but just in case, here's where a bunch of places that are 100% guaranteed to be me!

anyway, hi!!! this lil corner of the web is for me to do whatever the heck i want, like sharing my art, my writing, or whatever other random thoughts come across my brain and that i feel like sharing. learning HTML and CSS has been a blast, so maybe i can even inspire you to make your own website! who knows?? :O

i have about a bajillion hobbies, pretty much all of them creative in one flavor or another, and i'm always digging my teeth into new media of just about every kind. i love telling stories, collecting knick knacks, and meeting interesting people! i try to admire the beauty of life on earth as much as i can; it's a wonderful place full of wonderful things.

i'd say that's about it, but there's a LOT i didn't include........... so don't be a stranger!! hit me up on any of my socials, i love making new friends and hearing people's stories, and considering you've read this far, yours are probably super cool and interesting!!!

BUUUT SINCE YUO'RE STILL HERE.......... here are some of my wonderful friends!!!

be sure to check out their stuff too! :D