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some spicy websites for you to look at!

hi there! this is my page where i keep all the various links to various webistes i've collected over the years. i have a LOT of these, and not a lot of patience for testing each individual one, and the web is changing every day, so please let me know if any of them are broken! that said, i DO spend a lot of time browsing the internet and all it has to offer. here's a sampling of some of my findings! :D

also take a gander at...

my friends' websites! or maybe just the credits for everything on this one!


  • this is literally just a plaintext html notepad that you can have in your browser as a tab, but i use it all the time so i'm putting it here. it's great if you need to write a few things down but can't be assed to open a program for it! BE CAREFUL THOUGH it doesn't save anything so when you close that tab it's gone forever!!!
  • wanna check if a website's down?
  • need a burner email address so you don't get spam?
  • wanna delete old embarrassing accounts?
  • terms of service that you always say "i agree" to are always super long and full of dense legalese. this website helps cut that down to a manageable set of bullet points for you to understand!
  • ezgif. it's what it says on the tin. you makes gifs! it's easy! :D
  • tired of recipe blogs rambling for 5390480395 years? me too. it's annoying as heck, just tell me how to make this cake!!
  • image resizer!
  • get past article paywalls
  • SUPER useful calculator
  • do fun stuff with text!!

  • a classic graphics text maker!
  • fun kaomojis!
  • video game textbox generators!
  • fonts!
  • glitter text
  • more glitter text
  • even MORE glitter text!!!
  • art tools and references!

  • link
  • in-browser photoshop!
  • figures for figure drawing!
  • for uber specific angles that you might need a visual reference for
  • like reference angle, but for different animal skulls. pretty neat!
  • literally the BEST place EVER to get good stock photos of fun poses
  • artifically generated realistic faces!

    art inspiration!

  • an excellent collection of terms for different contemporary aesthetics in modern advertising and aesthetics. way more interesting than it sounds i prommy
  • the smithsonian!
  • sentai monster designs!!!

    writing stuff!

  • a plot generator!
  • list of alchemical symbols
  • SUPER useful trust me click on this one
  • pretty decent name generator!
  • absolutely GOD TIER name generators hub

    dev stuff!

  • sfx
  • free to use 3d models
  • free to use game art
  • rpgmaker stuff!


  • basically every music genre ever!

    for fun!

  • need a comic to read?
  • make a heart locket gif!
  • community made dollmakers!
  • make a lil figurine for dnd!
  • explore a digital museum of 3D video game levels!