check it out, stuff! i've got a lot of it!

there's a lot of random disorganized junk on the internet, and i am here to personally contribute my fair share! think of this section as kind of a pseudo-webmap for a whole bunch of the stuff you can find on this site.
there's a lot i'd like to share with you. take a look!

my collection of blinkies! (eyestrain + flashing images warning)

my collection of 88x31 buttons! (eyestrain + flashing images warning)

my little neighborhood! these are digital collages of various graphics i've found surfing the web put together to make little scenes. they take a LOT of time to put together but they're super fun and cute and you should look at them!!

my music! i don't compose anything (yet?) but i do have plenty of thoughts on a lot of different albums, musicians, and genres, if that's something you're interested in.

my shrines! this is where i keep my web pages dedicated to whatever i feel like. some of them are goofy, some are pretty serious. your mileage will vary.

my writing! i write a lot and i'd like to share some of it with the world. :D

my journal! kind of a mishmash of your regular random thoughts/blog/diary entries/what have you, with bonus art drawn by yours truly, and also discussion of ~feelings~